Campus infrastructure


Conveniently placed in the heart of Haryana state, JeewanJyoti  public School , one of the largest campus of about 8864 square meter of school and having 670 sq. meter playground  area. Sprawling with greenery.

Focus on landscaping and wasteland management, make the surrounding fragrant and vibrant with multiple varieties of flowers and other ornamental plants.

The construction and design of classrooms incorporates the use of green technology of infrastructure design.

Conveniently placed in the heart of Haryana state, is located in disttjhajjar and focuses on the need of good education in rural areas as education is right of every child whether belonging to a city or village.

JeewanJyoti Education Centre incorporates Sports as a part of student activities along with studies to create a blend of education that brings out a noticeable positive behavior and a successful academic excellence in students. The school has included a variety of sports like Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess etc. Specialized training by expert coaches gives an edge to students intending to pursue sports as a career